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PIX 515 crash

I'm experiencing a sudden 515 crash apparently without any sign - no crashinfo at all. PIX's are 515 (not E) in failover mode with PIXos 6.3(3).

Any suggestion?


Re: PIX 515 crash

I would contact Cisco TAC about this. One thing they may ask, is if this occurs on a regular basis or not, and if this is the first time.

Community Member

Re: PIX 515 crash

It occurs often, approx. 1-2 times a week on only one of about 10 customer's PIX installed.


Re: PIX 515 crash


Check the following Cisco TAC notification and see if this relates to you.


Cisco Employee

Re: PIX 515 crash

Connect a PC to the serial console of the Pix and let it log all console output to a file. When it crashes again, check the console output at the time of the crash; even if no crashinfo is written to flash, it should be written to console (or at least something should be - if not then it could be a power failure).

When did it start? Was there any change in traffic pattern/traffic type (e.g. did you just start using VoIP - just an example)?

Is this firewall handling a different kind of traffic than the other ones that don't crash?

It could also be a hardware failure - one way to check would be to swap a working FW with the crashing one (and swap the configs as well obviously) - if the same physical unit keeps crashing it's likely a hardware issue. If the swapped one starts crashing it's a bug.



Cisco Employee

Re: PIX 515 crash

One other thing, if you have download access on, I would suggest getting the latest 6.3.5.x software version available - if this is a software bug then there's a chance it's fixed in the newer release.

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