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PIX 515 Interface ethernet2 was down


Here's the problem we experienced earlier today. It first caught my attention when users were complaining that they couldn't get to the webservers, which resides on the DMZ. So I tried to telnet to the pix box, but couldn't. Then, I went to check the pix out phisically and the network light was not blinking. I consoled in, and find out that ethernet2 (dmz interface) did not showed up when I do a 'sh ip' and 'sh interface'. Issuing a 'reload' did not resolve the problem, had to do a manual reboot then the interface came back up. Is there any known cause to this problem and what would you suggest us to do when the same problem occurs. Thanks for your help!

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Re: PIX 515 Interface ethernet2 was down

I have seen this issue occur when you have the port set to automattically dectect line speed and duplex mode. I once had to manually set a 515 to 10bt just to get the stupid thing to connect to a wireless high speed connection, using one of those pcmcia wireless cards. Long story, but I just made a few switches to the line speed and manually defined it to a meager 10bt connection and bam it was up and up. Try that after hours or something ;) Also, the port could be dying.... ya never know.

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Re: PIX 515 Interface ethernet2 was down

All of the 3 interfaces are set to 100full. The pix has been up and running for about 6 months already and this is the first I've seem this problem. I'm running version 6.0(1).

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