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Pix 515 Not working

I have 2 Pix 515 firewalls absolutly identical in every way even the configs.

They are both completly stand alone and one will be used as a reserve.

The problem I am having is since making a couple of odd configuration changes to one of the pixs (remeber both configs are identical)one will just not work at all.

Only 1 will ever be on the network at once so IP clashes will not be a problem.

With the one that will not work i have Tried WRI MEM,

Reload, even rebooted the router to the outside world in case of it hanging onto MAC adresses.

I would love any comments or sugesstions that could help.


Mark Warwick

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Re: Pix 515 Not working

Without knowing the changes, print out both configs and check for the 5th time to see if they are exact.

Re: Pix 515 Not working

How about copying the config of the working one to a text file, going to config t on the non-working one and pasting the config from the working one into it?

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Re: Pix 515 Not working

try clear cam on the switch, if there is a switch coming into the picture... i have solved at least five problems just with this!!

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Re: Pix 515 Not working

sorry about that.. it is not clear cam.. it is clear arp on the switch...

Best Regards / Sampath., New York, NY.

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