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PIX 515-R-BUN: How to reset to factory defaults?

I have received a pix from another office; documentation is non-existent; they do not know PIX software version or pretty much anything else. As I can not find any physical reset button, I would like to find a procedure that resets the pix to its factory defaults so that I can be assured of the configuration and all should then act accordingly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

BTW: it has an additional interface (so 3 total) and no floppy drive.

Cisco Employee

Re: PIX 515-R-BUN: How to reset to factory defaults?

You will need to connect to the pix using a console cable and then enter the following command to clear the current configuration:

write erase

And then reload the pix by typing the command "reload".

You can check the version of the pix by entering the command "show version".

If you are not sure how to connect through the console, refer to the following link:

hope this helps,


Community Member

Re: PIX 515-R-BUN: How to reset to factory defaults?

Thank you, Nairi, for the quick response...I am banging my head against this until it's resolved so, again, thanks.

I have a comment and a question regarding your suggestion...

- I have a "show version" output from when I was briefly able to connect to it yesterday but it does not list the PIX software version number anywhere (not sure if I need to know it or not...goal would be to update the software to the latest version if possible once I get back to square one)

- by entering "reload" will the PIX go back to factory defaults or ask me where an image file is located or something else?

Cisco Employee

Re: PIX 515-R-BUN: How to reset to factory defaults?

Can you post the output you got from "show version".

Also, reload won't erase the configuration, you need to do "write erase" first. This will erase the configuration and will take affect after you "reload".

Hope this helps,


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