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Pix 515's become unresponsive

I have 2 sites that have the failover bundle running 6.3(5). I was not able to log into the first site tonight but was finally able to after I logged into a server on the inside and then ssh'd back to the secondary. I had to then switch the active to the secondary and then I was able to log into the primary, who still showed that it was the active firewall. The second site will become inactive after 2 or 3 days of not logging into it, and when it becomes inactive, it does not pass traffic. I originally thought it might be a connection or tcp timeout on the upstream interface, but we've changed it and symptom is still the same. ANyone else see something like this?


Re: Pix 515's become unresponsive


do you have stateful or normal failover configured ? Can you post the configs of your units, as well as the output of ´show failover´ ? How are both PIX units at each site connected (that is, through a switch, or is the failover cable directly connected without any intermediate device) ? And do you see anything in the log files ?

Lots of questions...but I guess your problem must have something to do with any of the above issues...:)



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