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PIX 515; stops transmitting any traffic

I have an intermittent problem with a PIX 515. it started a week ago. I will run a day or two then stop transmitting any traffic. I can't even ping through it to IPs that I was able to before.

I can't even ping from the PIX to anything beyound the 2 interfaces.

CoventryPix# sh ver

PIX Version 4.4(1)

Compiled on Tue 18-May-99 16:34 by pixbuild

PIX BIOS (4.0) #0: Tue May 18 16:29:54 PDT 1999

If I repeatedly run "show interface" while pinging, I see the number of packets input go up, but packets output remains unchanged, and 'no buffer' is a large number and increases.

I can't even telnet to it from Inside as I usually do.

Seems like a memory /buffer problem, so where do I start aside from restarting it every other day or so.

This seems to have started after we set up a tape backup from another server in the building, but on the otherside of the PIX (Don't worry, the rest of the building is behind yet another PIX) I'm wondering if the increased traffic required for the backup is exhausting memory.


Re: PIX 515; stops transmitting any traffic


do you have an IP address pool specified for your NAT translation to the outside? It could be that all the addresses of the pool are in use.

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