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PIX 515E and Exchange Server

Hi everybody

I'm trying to configure a Exchange Server in the interface "server" of a 515E and I have several problems. Let's imagine the following scenario (not real adresses):

Interface "Outside" (Pool of public addresses -

Interface "Server"

Exchange Server

Due to an existing configuration, my ISP sends the incoming mail to

I have configured a static translation from outside to server as follows:

static(server,outside) netmask

And I've implemented an access-list to permit smtp incoming traffic:

access-list outside_in permit tcp any host eq smtp

access-group outside_in in interface outside

The debug command shows me that traffic is arriving from my ISP to the outside address but it's not arriving to the server. I'm not sure if it's possible to make a static translation using the outside interface address. Is it?

If possible, where's the problem? Any Idea?

Tanks a lot in advance for all the responses


Re: PIX 515E and Exchange Server

Hi, port redirection will probably work in your situation. In the future though I would change my MX record to point to a different IP and take that IP address out of your pool. Here is a document on port redirection....

The command syntax should look something like this.....

static (server,outside) tcp interface 25 25 netmask 1000 500


access-list outside_in permit tcp any host eq 25

Hope that helps...

New Member

Re: PIX 515E and Exchange Server

I believe that you can not use the outside interface's IP address for a static NAT. It can be used as the global address, the address that internal users use when leaving the network.

Have you tried using as your outside address, and make your pool -

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