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PIX 515e Issue


I am trying to setup a firewalled network and am having a strange problem. I have a PIX 515e and when connected in a simple test setup with a workstation on the inside and another PC connected through a switch on the outside, everything seems to be working fine.

When I try to connect the inside up to a 3750 that is tied into the rest of my network some issues come up.

After a reload of the PIX 515e I can ping through the firewall (outside-inside) and hit the 3750 which is the next hop after the firewall. This works for about 3-5min and then I loose connection. Not only do I loose connection but everyone else on the switch does as well.

When we disconnect the PIX the problem seems to go away.

So both systems when separated seem to be fine, but then when connected they experience problems.

If anyone could please offer some advice it would be great.


Re: PIX 515e Issue

You have to clear xlate on the Pix and try pinging again. From the your topology it appears that all interfaces are in auto and there are no CRC errors. Did a clear arp on the PIX and then bounced the internet devices?

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Re: PIX 515e Issue

This could be an proxy arp issue or a incorrect static. Can you please post the configuration?

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