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PIX 515E password recovery

Hi, we have a very old PIX 515E ver 4.3...I don't have the passoword to access the device and need to put it back to the factory setup....i noticed that i need a binary file is the file name to be exact "nppix.bin (4.3 and             earlier releases)"...i could not find it there anyway to got that file?

or is there a workaround that i can achieve what i need without that file?

thank you in advance for your time and recommendations.


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PIX 515E password recovery

If you're migrating to an ASA, you might be able to get the utility from the TAC under the auspices of that support. The Pix as a very old and no longer supported device is not eligible for support on its own anymore.

The last one I replaced (several years ago - part of an HA pair so I needed to keep a Pix in place) needed similar support and the 3rd party reseller I was purchasing it from was able to provide the necessary utility to re-image the Pix to the proper OS revision. In that case there was an image I had to load via tftp from the rommon equivalent to force an overwrite of the flash memory

Why do you need to restore it? If you're disposing of it, you could just physically destroy the memory. The device has no real economic value except as scrap metal.

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PIX 515E password recovery

thank you Marvin for your response!!

i tried the binary file for the specific version i have and did not work for somereason...

i have the config file and i have the encrypted there a tool i can use to decrypt PIX 515e-versio 4.3??

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PIX 515E password recovery

Are you positive it's Pix 4.3 OS? That's not the same as the BIOS version (commonly = 4.3).

Pix OS 4.3 system software is from back around the late 1990s.

If you have the configuration file, you can buy a used Pix 515 from an authorized reseller and load it onto there.

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PIX 515E password recovery

that what FW indicate 4.3..anywya..sounds i cannot break into that fW as i understand from your answer..

thanks for taking time to address my question!

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