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PIX 515E / PROXY Server

When trying to browse www via PIX 515E over RAS the following error message appears:

"Page can not be displayed"

..basically, what I have at the moment is the follwing set up:

I have a proxy server sitting behind the PIX (Internal) for monitoring traffic etc, When users try to browse www via RAS they obtain the above error message. BUT when they connect via LAN and browse it's okay - no problem !!!

Has anyone come across this problem or know any solution for it please. Could this be a issue with the PIX config OR the proxy setup?? Any help will be much appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Jay Mia - System Engineer / Oughtred & Harrison Group

Cisco Employee

Re: PIX 515E / PROXY Server

If the users are working fine with LAN, that confirms there is no problem on PIX. The PIX only does a network translation and checks the ACL for the packet for the Proxy Server, and whether you come in from LAN or RAS, your proxy server address will be the same as far as PIX is concerned.

Check if your DNS/WINS config are correct on the RAS, can you ping by name from the client when connect through RAS, if not, that is your problem area.



Re: PIX 515E / PROXY Server

Thanks Yusuf for you input to my problem, I have resolved this issue - I found that there was a problem with the RAS ACL, which was not pointing correctly towards the proxy servers i.e. on the RAS access list:

'permit tcp any host 195.x.x.x.x eq 8080 '

By placing this on the RAS ACL - it resolved the problem. But thanks for your response anyway.


Jay Mia - Oughtred & Harrison Group

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