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pix 515e v6.3(5) interfaces

I am configuring a pix 515e with 6 interfaces. Right now 3 are enabled, 0,1,4. I also have a 1760 router and a catalyst 1950 switch. the switch is configured in 4 vlans with vlan 1 ip the router connection is on vlan 1 port 0/2. The pix is also on vlan 1 port 0/1. The switch has a single ethernet interface subnetted four times .1 is using, .2 is using, .3 is using and .4 is using Both the router and switch are using 802.1q trunking to get the vlans talking. the problem going back to the pix is that the inside interface is and interface4 named linux is and I can't seem to configure the inside interface to comunicate with the linux interface. Is this possible in the current configuration or do I need to have a second interface on the router. I apologize if more info is needed as I am new to the cisco world please let me know what you would need to answer this question. Also if this is the wrong forum to post to again please let me know. I have used global and nat as well as static commands but nothing seems to work. Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.


Re: pix 515e v6.3(5) interfaces


It helps to post the configs. Its probably a need for static nat statements. Any time traversing through a pix from a Higher security level to a lower secuirty level you need some sort of nat statement or translation statment. Any time you want to access from a lower security level to a higher security level you need create explict access allowing that traffic. If you don't want to hide your traffic from the inside interface to the linux interface you would create a nat statement like this.

static (inside,linux) mask

access-list Linux_in permit

access-group Linux_in in interface linux

Let me get a few facts straight.

Inside your network is Your linux network is which hangs off the pix linux interface. To reach all your networks from the linux network to the inside networks without translating you would use the above commands.


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