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PIX 520 Failover

I have 2 PIX 520's setup with failover between the 2. If you unplug an interface that is in a switch or hub this will cause failover between the two... Failovers kill connections. I need to move the connections into a new switch without causing a failover between the 2 devices. Is there a way to do this? The interfaces I need to move are neither the inside or outside interface of the Pix...

Thanks in advance.

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Re: PIX 520 Failover

You would have to enable stateful failover to maintain the connection states during the failover event.

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Re: PIX 520 Failover

You have to dedicate a link to pass the stateful information.

Then you use a crossover cat5 cable to link the two interfaces together.

Then apply something like below :

nameif ethernet4 fail-interface security10

failover link fail-interface

ip address fail-interface

failover ip address fail-interface

failover link fail-interface

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