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Pix 520 Ping Packet Loss.

I have a PIX 520 version 6.1.2 outside interface that is getting packet loss. I was wondering if that is by design or not. Is there a way for me to specify how the PIX responds to ping requests other than of course allowing it or not?

I have ICMP on and can ping to the inside and outside and from the outside in. I am just wondering if there is a problem with the pix.

To test the situation I put a laptop in place of the pix and there was no packet loss. Once I put the pix back I got packet loss.

I have a cabinet at XO and they did exhaustive tests to see if the packet loss is there problem and it really seems that it is not.

CPU usage is at 3% so it does seem overloaded.

Traffic is as follows:


received (in 8946.060 secs):

5000655 packets 582517334 bytes

78 pkts/sec 65114 bytes/sec

transmitted (in 8946.060 secs):

5450081 packets 4280507727 bytes

129 pkts/sec 478479 bytes/sec


received (in 8946.060 secs):

5476316 packets 4917120 bytes

132 pkts/sec 69 bytes/sec

transmitted (in 8946.060 secs):

4546533 packets 555782637 bytes

28 pkts/sec 62125 bytes/sec

Thanks in advance,

Bryan Reynolds

Cisco Employee

Re: Pix 520 Ping Packet Loss.

This is the wrong forum for this question (this forum covers the Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System. Perhaps the moderator will move the message, or you could repost in the correct forum for faster service. (Up one level to Forum topics and then down the Firewalling branch)


New Member

Re: Pix 520 Ping Packet Loss.

Sorry about that.

I reposted it.



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