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PIX 525 Ver 7.2(4)33 Thread Name: Dispatch Unit (Old pc 0x0022a6a7 ebp 0x0

PIX 525 with version 7.2(4)33 is crashing and reloading.

In crashinfo found the below error message.

Thread Name: Dispatch Unit (Old pc 0x0022a6a7 ebp 0x019cde60)

vector 0x0000000e (page fault)

edi 0x04018850

esi 0x049aafc0

ebp 0x019cd9c0

esp 0x019cd988

ebx 0x00000101

edx 0x00000001

ecx 0x04a7ccd4

eax 0x00000001

error code 0x00000000

eip 0x0020cec7

cs 0x00000008

eflags 0x00000101

CR2 0x00000101

Cisco PIX Security Appliance Software Version 7.2(4)33

Compiled on Mon 20-Apr-09 12:41 by builders

Crashinfo collected on 21:13:51.901 UTC Mon Jun 15 2009


0: 0010ecea

<--- More --->

1: 001112e5

2: 00111500

3: 0076c6b0

4: 007733ab

5: 00772e66

6: 007a7646

7: 007a864e

8: 007a882e

9: 007a2355

10: 0079fa17

11: 00675243

12: 0022a7a4

13: 0011509f

Stack dump: base:0x019adee0 size:131072, active:1496


Traceback of previous thread 'Dispatch Unit':

0: 0173ad48

1: 0022a7a4

2: 0011509f

Found a lot of bugs related to "Thread Name: Dispatch Unit" but nothing is matching to this. Even there is no inspect commands related to SMTP/ESMTP.

Could anyone highlight what needs to be done. If bug then which one is the recommended version.

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