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Pix 525 with 2 -PIX-4FE-66 and VAC+

Good day;

PIX 525 with L.A.N Base stateful Failover U.R Bundle.

PCI 1 - PIX-4FE-66

PCI 2 - Available

PCI 3 - VAC+

First PIX-4FE-66

int2 - is a DMZ

int3 - available

int4 and 5 Statefull Failover


When I install a second PIX-4FE-66 in PCI 2 of both the primary and secondary and SSH in. Int 6 to 9 are shutdown and this is what I expect to see.

However, even though there are no cables plugged into the second 4FE in both units, the L.E.D's of both 4FE's light up on the same interfaces as the first 4FE. Int 6, 8, and 9.

When this happens, int 2 DMZ and int 4 and 5 Statefull Firewall show they are down and do not work.

Also, both the primary and secondary PIX show as active.

Once I remove the second 4FE from both units, the system works perfectly and the first 4FE shows up and the second PIX shows standby.

I'm not finding the correct information to install the second 4FE and can use some help with this.

The PIX configurator for the 525 say's I can have 2 PIX-4FE-66 in PCI 1, 2, and a VAC+ in PCI 3 totalling 10 interfaces with U.R



Re: Pix 525 with 2 -PIX-4FE-66 and VAC+

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