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PIX 535 connectivity issue


I have pix 535 with 6.2(2). I have the inside with address as, with as the pix interface. One of the DMZ's that is DMZ-corporate, with network, and as the pix interface address.

I have configured the route command, the output of show route

idcm-p535-mnpr# sh route

outside 1 OTHER static

FailOver 1 CONNECT static

DMZ-Mon 1 CONNECT static

DMZ-Mon 1 OTHER static

inside 1 CONNECT static

inside NOC-Operators 1 OTHER static

DMZ-Signaling 1 OTHER static

DMZ-Signaling 1 CONNECT static

DMZ-Corporate 1 CONNECT static

DMZ-Collocation 1 CONNECT static

DMZ-TCI-Services 1 CONNECT static

I am not able to communicate either from network to n/w or vise versa.

What am I missing. I have the pix as the default gateway on the devices in the respective networks.

Appreciate comments.



Cisco Employee

Re: PIX 535 connectivity issue

To enable connectivity from inside to dmz, you also need to have nat (inside) and global (dmz) commands configured.

hope this helps,


Community Member

Re: PIX 535 connectivity issue

Hi Nairi,

Thanks for the info.

One clarification, so to communicate from a higher security to a lower security interface you require NAT. And for Communicating from lower security to higher security interface you require some sort of translation. This translation is it only static translation only or I can use something else.

What my concern is, I was thinking that if I have a route on the PIX to various network and when a packet comes from one network to go to the other, the routes are not enough and you require some translation.

Appreciate your clarification.


Habib Dashti

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