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pix 6.3 - vlan support feature

Hi all,

Do you know where I can learn more about pix 6.3?

802.1Q is one of the features I need details.




Re: pix 6.3 - vlan support feature

6.3 is scheduled to be released in the March/April timeframe. The Beta is available now. To get the image and documentation (features and bugs):

- ftp to

- cd to dir pix/pix63-beta

- you will find 4 files to download (readme files and the bin)

Download the Beta and test it out to see for yourself.

Here are a list of new features in 6.3:



Syslog by ACL

DHCP Relay

DHCP Server on any Interface

HTTPS Authentication Proxy

HTTPS and FTP Filtering via Websense

PPTP Fixup

PAT for Single ESP tunnel

Cut-through Proxy Authentication Using Local Database

Support for New VPN Accelerator Card (VAC+)

User-level Authentication

Concentrator Load Balancing Support

Push Down Backup Concentrator List

Configurable Policy for Internet Access

Backup Concentrator Rollover Latency Reduction

X.509 Certificate Support for PIX VPN Hardware Client

Verify Certificate Distinguished Name

Flexible Easy VPN Management Solutions

NAT Traversal


Diffie Hellman (DH) Group 5 support

MAC-based AAA Exemption

H.323 v3/v4


MGCP Fixup

PAT for Skinny

Configurable SIP UDP Fixup

Login Banner

Comments for ACLs

Stack Trace in Flash

Timer on Console

Show Output Filter

Show Tech Enhancements

Assignable Level for Syslogs

"No debug all" and "Undebug all" Commands

License in "Show Version" Output

Interface as Address in ACLs

"Debug AAA" Command

Line Numbers in ACLs

Display Syslogs and Their Levels

Fixup Protocol ICMP Error

Unique Device ID for Syslog Messages

Log All To-the-PIX Access Requests

501 VPN Peer Limit of Ten

501 Unlimited User License Option

GE Interface Settings

PIX Hostname Limit of 63 Characters

IKE with Source Port Other Than UDP/500

Default Interface IP Address

Hope it helps.


New Member

Re: pix 6.3 - vlan support feature

Could someone provide a little clarity regarding memory requirements for the PIX 501 and the 6.3 image? .

At this time the PIX 501only comes with 16 Meg.

On the software download page the statement is that it requires 32 Meg. states that minimum RAM is "32 megabytes (MB), except the Cisco PIX 501 Security Appliance, which requires 16 MB "

Any guidance would be appreciated

Re: pix 6.3 - vlan support feature

Even though the memory requirement say 32MB the file will still load and run on a 501. I will try to search for a link in a bit to show you but it's late and I have a headache so I make no promises ;--

Re: pix 6.3 - vlan support feature

Here ya' go, Scroll almost to the bottom of the page where the memory requirements are and you will see where it says 32 MBs required yada yada yada except for the PIX 501 yada yada yada 16MBs. Same story for the flash

It's late and I am going to bed now. Good night zzzzzz

New Member

Re: pix 6.3 - vlan support feature

1) Cisco PIX 500 Series Firewalls

This data sheet describes the features and options of the Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Software 6.3.

For more information, please see:


2) Cisco PIX 500 Series Firewalls

Cisco PIX. Device Manager is a feature-rich, graphical tool providing enterprise and service providers with an easy-to-use management facility for Cisco PIX Firewalls.

For more information, please see:

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