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PIX 7.0(1) "route outside" command

Since I can't seem to be able to automatically obtain the default route from the DHCP server using:

ip address dhcp setroute there any way, that I could use the "route outside" command to point to the outside interface instead of a specific IP address since the IP address is assigned by DHCP?



Re: PIX 7.0(1) "route outside" command

Sorry, don't think so.

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Re: PIX 7.0(1) "route outside" command

Thanks for the response. Are you aware of any issues with PIX 7.0(1) that might be causing the problem. If I plug a PC directly into the cable modem, it correctly obtains the routing information.

Re: PIX 7.0(1) "route outside" command

This is your lucky day - there is a bug, CSCeh81233:


PIX interface DHCP default route is not in the routing table.


Cisco PIX running 7.0.1 software. When ip address dhcp

setroute command is used, the config is saved and the firewall is

manually reloaded the interface will obtain an IP address via DHCP, but will

not set the default route into the routing table.


config t

interface eth0 (or interface that has dhcp option)


ip address dhcp setroute

no shut

First Found-in Version 7.0(1)

First Fixed-in Version 7.0(2), 7.0(1.2), 7.0(3.1)

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Re: PIX 7.0(1) "route outside" command

Thanks for the info. I'm going to upgrade the PIX to the latest version (7.2(1) if I recall) next week but I'm looking at the release notes for 7.0(1) and it's saying that the bug you mentioned (CSCeh81233) was actually resolved in 7.0(1) - it was initially found in 7.0.

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Re: PIX 7.0(1) "route outside" command

Upgrading to 7.2(1) did, in fact, resolve the issue.

Thanks again!

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