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Pix Acl question

I have a 1.x network and 10.

The 10.x is behind a 1600 rotuer and all the rules are open to access the 1.x network, but I cant access the 1.x network from the 10.x

Is there anything missing on the pix side the 1.x network that could be stopping access to the 10.x network

Pix config attached

New Member

Re: Pix Acl question

I'm assuming from your config that you mean 192.168.10.x cannot ping 192.168.1.x. Looking at your config, I notice a couple of things:

1. is the inside addr of your PIX, so must presumably be on the outside of your router.

2. You have no route for the network defined on the PIX.

3. Since both networks are on the inside of your PIX, the ACLs on the PIX shouldn't have any effect other than for traffic to the PIX itself.

I would add a route for the net pointing at your 1600 and see if that rectifies your problem. If not, check that there are no ACLs on your router and check the logs on both devices.


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