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Pix and 2621 routing issue from DMZ

This is more a routing and security issue I think.

Have pix 515e with 3 interfaces.

Original network setup in the following scenario.

Inside interface has network

Outside interface 67.64.x.x

dmz interface has network.

setup additional router under dmz interface with network.

Have placed appropriate ip routes on 2621 router and pix firewall to allow routing to internet. However the following issue takes place. Under Inside interface on pix, have www service. When http request to www service under inside interface, route resolves outside interface of ip but never completes request. The packet seems not to be dropped but will not traverse back into network A from Network B.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

New Member

Re: Pix and 2621 routing issue from DMZ

Can you post your config with out revealing information about your network? Sounds like you have a problem with the static mapping on the pix if I'm understanding the question? Also, ellaborate on what you mean by network a b?

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