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Pix and Avaya IP phones - Beware

Hi, This is a little note to make eveyone aware of the issue I have come across with Avaya IP Phones and the Pix. I have an IP phone on the outside interface with my phone system on the inside. Everything works great for a few hours (or a clear xlate) and then the phone stops working. Reboot the phone and everything is back working.

The fault seems to be that the phone and phone system believe that the TCP session is still running and therefore continue sending packets with the ACK bit set. Unfortunately, the pix has dropped the connection from its state table and thus drops the ACK packets and the phone never times out the connection.

As I can't tinker with the state table on the PIX I think the only option would be for the software on the IP Phone to be reprogrammed. Anyone know anyone at Avaya I could talk to?

If your interested my debugs are attached.

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Re: Pix and Avaya IP phones - Beware


This sounds like the sort of issue that should be raised with the Centre of Excellence. Have you tried esclating this thru that route, or by contacting your Avaya account manager. As an Avaya Customer you should be entitled to some degree of support.

You should be able to get the contact details from the Avaya Website.

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