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PIX and Gigabit

Hello all,

I've been given the fun task of upgrading our infrastructure as we'll soon break past the 100mbps ceiling. So we're looking to move to gigabit. We're using a 6506 (4 modules installed) as our core switch. We've already got 1 almost fully populated (6/8) Gigabit fiber card and we need to get a copper gig module for some new systems (being the 5th module). I'm concerned that I'm going to need to upgrade our PIX 520's to handle at least 2/5 legs of our network with gigabit. Problem is, I don't have the space for that much fiber unless I get a 16port fiber card. I will however have tons of ports free on the copper gig module. Does Cisco support any type of copper gig on the PIX 520 or if need be 525/535? Help! Thanks all!


New Member

Re: PIX and Gigabit

Hi Paul,

I haven't seen any Gig copper products for the PIX series, they've all been fiber based.

You will also struggle with throughput on the PIX520, its quite low. The PIX525 will do 370mbps (according to the docs) so should give more headroom for you, although it doesn't do full gig throughput like the PIX535.

Let me know if you have further questions.



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