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PIX and lan connections dropping

some of our pc's need to run winipcfg every now and tehn when they can't get on the internet. after that they can pass through the pix po problem, but without releasing and renewing the winipcfg info they are stuck on the local segment. any suggestions. possibly a problem with our pix config or something else?

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Re: PIX and lan connections dropping

Can they access anything else on that subnet without any problems, or another subnet on the internal network? You're saying that *everything* else works, except going through the PIX, right?

I assume the "local segment" means that IP network, instead of the entire internal network, right?

I'd look at your DHCP server. Perhaps also your routing tables for the router(s) servicing that area to make sure you're getting a good last resort route on all involved routers.

Cisco Employee

Re: PIX and lan connections dropping


Are you using the DHCP server in the PIX?

Do you have your own DNS inside of the PIX or are users PCs configured to use a DNS outside the PIX?

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Re: PIX and lan connections dropping

We are not using internal dns, and dhcp is provided by a microsoft server. After a period of time the pc's are unable to get to the internet. They can't even ping outside the local network. they can get the internal interface of the pix but no further. running winipcfg and releasing the ip address allows them to get to internet again.

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