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Pix Banner

Can anyone provide info on Cisco Pix banner page enabling?

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Re: Pix Banner

PIX Firewall Version 6.3 introduces support for "Message-of-the-Day" (MOTD), EXEC, and login banners, similar to the same feature in Cisco IOS software. The size of banners is only limited by available system memory or Flash memory.

To configure a banner, enter the following command:

banner {exec|login|motd} text

Replace text with the string that you want the system to display. Spaces are allowed but tabs cannot be entered using the CLI. You can dynamically add the host name or domain name of the PIX Firewall by including the strings $(hostname) and $(domain) in the string.

Use the exec option to display a banner before the enable prompt is displayed. Use the login option to display the banner before the password login prompt when accessing the PIX Firewall using Telnet. Use the motd option to display a message-of-the-day banner.

To configure a banner including multiple lines, enter the banner command once for each line in the banner.

To display the current banner, enter the following command:

show banner {exec|login|motd}

To remove a specific banner, enter the following command:

no banner {exec|login|motd}

To clear all banners, enter the following command:

clear banner

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