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PIX communication problems with IBM Dispatcher.

I am curious if anyone has had a problem with the PIX 535 overloading an IBM Dispather on a RS/6000 AIX box. The dispatcher was receiving request through a 10/100 IBM firewall into its 100mb interface with no problem with only 28Mb being used. Then a 535 was put in to replace the IBM firewall and ever since the dispatcher has been having problems with the processor utilization exceeding 90% and a high thread count. The 535 has a gig interface plugged into a Alcatel switch sending 10/100 to the Dispatcher. The Utilization on the previous configuration was only 28Mb. So, I wouldn't think that the problem would be related to an overflow of traffic coming from the gig interface on the PIX. If anyone has ever ran into this problem your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: PIX communication problems with IBM Dispatcher.

The PIX firewall does not generate traffic. The best way to troubleshoot this issue would be to determine the nature and source of the traffic overloading the IBM dispatcher. Use a protocol and packet sniffer to determine what traffic is coming through and the source.

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