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PIX debug problem


I has three different debugs installed on the PIX 515, e.g. debug crypto ipsec 4, debug crypto isakmp 4 and a IP packet debug on the inside interface. Afte about 15 min crashes the PIX with the follow message

Watchdog timeout failure! Please contact customer support.

PC SP STATE Runtime SBASE Stack Process

Lrd 80078bd6 80a5d7a8 8046a470 40 80a5c7e8 3712/4096 arp_timer

Lsi 8007c157 80ac08bc 80469fc8 40 80abf900 3872/4096 FragDBGC

Lwe 8000be20 80ac8850 8046d6e8 775010 80ac7990 3616/4096 dbgtrace

Lwe 8015cb5a 80aca9cc 804476c8 3480 80ac8a20 6624/8192 Logger

Hwe 8015feeb 80bb1a78 80447978 0 80bafab8 8092/8192 tcp_fast

Hwe 8015fe72 80bb3b04 80447978 0 80bb1b48 8088/8192 tcp_slow

Lsi 800c7e3a 80c29cb8 80469fc8 0 80c28cf8 4008/4096 xlate clean

Lsi 800c7d60 80c2ad44 80469fc8 0 80c29d88 3672/4096 uxlate clean

Mrd 800c5561 80d7b030 80469ff0 0 80d79078 8004/8192 tcp_intercept_timer_process

Lsi 8019a4aa 80e206d0 80469fc8 10 80e1f710 3956/4096 route_process

Hsi 800b80e1 80e2175c 80469fc8 5740 80e207a0 2880/4096 Hosts conn cleaner

Someone knows the problem with the debugs!

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Re: PIX debug problem

"debug packet" can easily overwhelm a pix in

production. You don't want to run it unless this

is for debugging purposes with minimal traffic.

Yes, I've seen it crash the pix.

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Re: PIX debug problem

Hi Wen,

i's like that, that the debug each package is analyzed and only the installed IP-packet ar displayed.


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Re: PIX debug problem

Once you give the debug commands to the pix, the pix will continue to generate the debug messages on the it would be impossible to work with the console .One must telnet to the pix from a PC and give "undebugg all" command.I think this wiuld stop the pix from crash.

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