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this is very unsual DNS error am seeing , and browsing is not available ,

Web site you are looking for is unavailable due to its identification configuration settings ...also

message " this error indicates that the gateway could not find an authoritative DNS server for the web site you r trying to access "

can one let me know about this error ......

i did everything on the PIX , NAT/PAT ...any suggestions will be highly appreicated


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Re: PIX & DNS prblem -TOP URGENT

Haven't seen this error before, it's certainly not a PIX error. Sounds sort of like the web site you're going to is doing a reverse DNS lookup on your address and getting nothing back and is therefore not allowing you to browse to it (not sure why you'd set up a server like that, but anyhoo).

Try adding in reverse DNS entries for all the IP addresses in your global and PAT pool. This is a good policy to do anyway since there's a lot of unix-type servers out there that do reverse lookups by default.

See for details.

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Re: PIX & DNS prblem -TOP URGENT

Dear friend,

I want just internet , am not trying anything different ... i configured 4 sites with vpn tunneling and also i need internet ... 3 sites working fine both internet & VPN , i am normal procedure like

access-list 100 permit tcp any host eq www

global (outside) 1 netmask

nat (inside) 1 0 0

static (inside,outside) netmask

here is global IP mapped to internal ISA server for browsing

and NAT is enabled ....

problem is am unable to ping DNS address x.x.x.x global IP maintain by ISP

am sure if i can ping this DNS then i can get browsing ... as all other sites are doing are able to do this...

I hope u understand the problem ... let me i lost my patience i tried lot of things .. but this is as simple as others ... why not this ...

Thanks in advance for ur response

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