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PIX Failover

We are adding a second PIX 515 with a FO license as a failover device.

I am concerned about what will happen in the event of a failover. Specifically, the documentation says to not use a FO device as a standalone because it will automatically reboot once every 24 hours. What will happen if I am out of town for 1 week, and the power supply of the primary device dies. Will the secondary device be rebooting every 24 hours because it thinks it is now being used as a stand-alone device? The primary device is "gone" now, after all. Or, will the FO device run for an indefinite period of time without rebooting?

Cisco Employee

Re: PIX Failover

As long as the failover cable stays connected, the FO unit detects this and knows that there is still a primary unit, even if it is powered down (the cable has a short in it somehow that detects that it's connected to a unit even if that unit has no power). In this situation, it won't reboot every 24 hours and you'll be fine.

The theory is that you get a replacement for the failed primary, but leave it cabled up while you're doing this so that the secondary knows there's still a PIX there. Then you can replace the failed unit at your leisure.

You can read all about failover here:

New Member

Re: PIX Failover

What about if you use an ethernet connection (crossover cable) for failover instead of the failover cable. Is this still the case?

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