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New Member

PIX firewall 5.2(3)

I have a few questions:

1) I have loaded PIX firewall 5.2(3) on my 515, are there any caveats or should I go ahead with this.

2)Can some one tell me the use of Fixup protocol command.

3)The software I am using to backup the machines on DMZ requires a lot of different ports to be open of the backup machines on the internal network, can i do conduit static between the dmz machines and internal backup machines.

4)I have two class C pools, which i want to put on my pix as global adresses, for the local private ips to use, how to implement that.

thanks in advance

New Member

Re: PIX firewall 5.2(3)

can some 1 help me with above questions

New Member

Re: PIX firewall 5.2(3)

You'd better read the PIX documentation at


1) I have installed several PIX-515 with 5.2(3)

with little troubles up to now, but it depends

on your applications.

2) fixup enables an application proxy for the

selected protocol(s). Read docs.

3) why not?

4) use private ips on internal, public ips on

outside interface, use static to define the

global ips of the servers. In docs, configuration

examples, you can find lot of samples.

Bye Andrea

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