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PIX Firewall IPX support

Does anybody know if it is possible to configure the PIX firewall (or IOS firewall) to support IPX traffic?

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Re: PIX Firewall IPX support

I'm interested in this answer, too. I assume you would want to use IPX for VPN access from remote sites or remote users, correct?

If that's the case, my question would be: Does the PIX support IPX and/or other protocols across the VPN tunnel? Where can we read up on that functionality?

Hope we see an answer soon!

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Re: PIX Firewall IPX support

The PIX firewall does not support IPX and neither does a VPN terminated connection to the PIX (IPSec only supports IP, hence the name IPSec). If you need to run IPX between two sites, you need to encapsulate them in a GRE tunnel.


Re: PIX Firewall IPX support

Many thanks for your help.

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Re: PIX Firewall IPX support

I can confirm that you need to encapsulate IPX traffic with a GRE tunnel. I have set up this solution in a Netware environment from a router to a Catalyst 6000/RSM behind a PIX firewall.

int tu0 on router and RSM

ipx netw xxxx

tunnel source ip add

tunnel dest ip add

on pix

conduit permit gre host ip address host ip address

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