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Pix firewall

we have a client which have an internal network and they have two interfaces in pix firewall .they also have a web server in internal network and they are using private addresses in problem is any outside user are able to access this web site on web server but when any inside user wants to access the web server it not able to aceess web server because in web server we are using private ip address but off course site is mapped with a public/registered ip address so when inside users ping to the actual private ip address of webserver ,it replies but when they ping to public ip address of the hosted web site it gives message "requested time out".I am looking for a solution for this problem.

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Re: Pix firewall

We ran into the same problem. I worked around the problem by setting up two internal DNS servers and then pointing all my internal hosts to the internal DNS servers. The internal DNS servers are configured to lookup external addresses for the internal hosts. Anyway, I don't know if this is the best way of doing things but it's working great on my network.

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Re: Pix firewall

Use the "alias" command to fix the problem. Depending on where the host and client are (ie DMZ/Inside) the alias command syntax will be different. A static command also may be required in combination with the alias.

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