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pix inside an internal network

I installed a pix 506 to protect a single server inside a network the network is divided into 2 nets:

the 1st net has an IP adress of

the second network has an ip of

the pix is protecting ip

the nat inside the pix is the following:

global (outside) 1 netmask

nat (inside) 1 0 0

the problem is when we change the global outside address to we can access the outside interface but we do not access it with the

even when we change the ip address of the protrcted server it still doesn't work; i need to keep this address because i have a VPN that forwards information to that specific address and to a specific port.

anyhelp with this problem?

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Re: pix inside an internal network

If I understand clearly:


The INSIDE is:

The server IP is: (?)

You want to reach that server form the OUTSIDE using the IP Is that correct?

If so, forget all global and nat statements, and configure the following:

static (inside, outside) 0 0.

If you want to start connections form the INSIDE ( you'd better change the global address to an IP address form the OUTSIDE IP address range ( Don't forget, that even if you use nat, the STATICed hosts will use the IP addresses specified in the static statements. But from your info I guess there is no need to initiate connections form the INSIDE.


Attila Suba

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