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PIX IOS Backups

Is there no way to backup my PIX's IOS?

I do not see a command to copy the flash to tftp


Re: PIX IOS Backups


From PIX 6.2 Guide:

NOTE: Can not backup the actual PIX IOS!

Backing Up Your PIX Firewall Configuration

You should back up your configuration in at least one of the following ways:

Store the configuration in Flash memory with the write memory command. Should the need arise, you can restore a configuration from Flash memory using the configure memory command.

Use the write terminal command to list the configuration. Then cut and paste the configuration into a text file. Then archive the text file. You can restore a configuration from a text file using the configure terminal command and pasting the configuration either line by line or as a whole.

Store the configuration on another system using the tftp-server command to initially specify a host and the write net command to store the configuration.

If you have a PIX 520 or older model, store the configuration on a diskette using the write floppy command. If you are using Windows, make sure the diskette is IBM formatted. If you are formatting a disk, access the MS-DOS command prompt and use the format command. Do not back up your configuration to the PIX Firewall boot disk.

Each image you store overwrites the last stored image.

Should the need arise, you can restore your configuration from Flash memory with the configure memory command, or from diskette with the configure floppy command.

Hope this helps..

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Re: PIX IOS Backups

I know how to backup configs.

This suks then. I have no way to backup my IOS and it'a used device. Great.

They allow backups of IOS for routers, would only make sense to allow backups for the PIX

Re: PIX IOS Backups

Agreed but unfortunately, this is what we have. Go ahead and send me a 'sh ver' from your PIX ( and I will post a copy of your current software for backup purposes. Sound OK?


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Re: PIX IOS Backups

Yeah, that would be cool.

This is only one of my concerns. Do you deal with service contracts at all?

I've been trying to figure out if I can get support on our PIX 520 and our 7206 router. So far I haven't had much luck getting any useful information about getting contracts on used devices.

Re: PIX IOS Backups

File sent.

I do not deal with service contracts at all but I do know there is a group in Cisco that deals with covering gray market equipment. Probably would be best to talk to your local Cisco reseller concerning this request. Good luck.


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