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Pix Logs


I just want to ask what is the meaning of this log message that I received from my PIX firewall (%PIX-3-106011). I've checked the web site and I only found PIX-7-106011 which of course is a level seven log (debugging). It was explain there but I dont know if it is the same with level 3 (error message). Is there any difference on the explanation of this message between the two logs 3 (error message) or 7 (Debugging)?

Thank you.

Cisco Employee

Re: Pix Logs

The 3 and 7 is the internal syslog level that the message has been defined as. As far as I can see, this message has always been at level 7, so I'm confused how you got it at level 3.

The message is the same however, so the explanation still stands. The code version you're running may have these messages listed at level 3 rather than the normal level 7, which is a little weird. As I said though, the message content is the same and means the same thing.

Community Member

Re: Pix Logs

Does it mean that there is some problem or bug on my firewall? By the way the OS is version 6.1(3).

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