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PIX Point-to-Point VPN, using static translated public address?

We want to build a VPN connection to a partner company using a PIX running 6.3(1) as the endpoint on our side. They are running a Cyberguard on their side. This is to support a single host-to-host connection rather than network-to-network. We've got this tested and working properly.

The partner company is requesting that rather than provide them with the private address , that we give them a public address. I cannot find any example configurations and I don't know if this is possible.

Here is a sanitized outline of what we're trying to do:

outside ip address of PIX =

outside xlate for server =

private address for server =

partner peer address =

partner server address =

Basically we want to build a VPN tunnel from their Cybergard at to our PIX We want to include traffic from to in this tunnel. The PIX on our side needs to then be able to pass that connection through to on the inside network.

I would like to know if this is possible. Testing time has been tough to find so far, and of course we're on a tight timeline, so any insights/suggestions would be very helpful.

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Re: PIX Point-to-Point VPN, using static translated public addre

Got it working yesterday. Please disregard the previous message.



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