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PIX + resolve name dns

Hi all,

i have this problem and i don't know which is the problem :

i'd like to contact this url : but when i contact it behind the pix i can't contact it but if i put my pc above the pix it works rights.

So i tried to resolve the name and is : but when i tried to resolve the revrse from ip :

I think this creates a error in the pix but can i resolve this error?

I have the ver 6.2(2),so if i upgrade the firewall to 6.3 this problem exist always?



Roberto Paoletti


Re: PIX + resolve name dns

Ciao Roberto;

That server is configured to use http host headers. That is why both of those sites live on the same ip address. The only way to get the content for www.federciclis.... is to put that in the browser's url field. That site is configured as the web server's default site, which is what you get when you put the ip address in the URL field, or is you run an old web browser that doesn't understand http 1.1's host headers. Http host headers work on the idea that the site URL will be included in the http GET request - if the url is not, then only the ip address is sent, and the default site's content gets displayed.

That said, I am not quite sure why you are having this problem since your dns server is properly resolving the hostname. Has this happened repeatedly?

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Re: PIX + resolve name dns


do u speak italian?

So, this problem has been for this site and my topology network is :

client-----Proxy Microsoft----pix firewall----router---internet

and i don't understand why there is this problem,maybe the proxy works with dns and what i do for resolve or fix this problem.

thanks for your response.




Re: PIX + resolve name dns

Hi Roberto,

Q. Are you having problems with accessing one www site or many? Have you tried to by-pass the MS Proxy server and see if you can access the affected www sites, i.e. point one of the internal clients default-gateway to the PIX and see if you can access the sites.

Also, can you post your PIX config on this forum or if you want e-mail me direct - Please remember to exclude all real IP's and passwords.

Thanks --

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