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PIX routing question

This question is a little bit odd, but I need the answer. I have two external interfaces on PIX (extranet1 and extranet2) and one route for the network pointing to extranet1. That is OK. Now, I need to route traffic to two hosts which are part of the network (addresses 52 and 68) to second external interface (extranet2). I have created route to pointing to extranet1 and two specific routes for and 68 pointing to extranet2. NAT translation is completely different on two extranet interfaces. With this config, traffic with destination of and 68 still goes to extranet1, which is not what I want.

Any ideas, how can I overcome this problem.

Thanks in advance,

Sasa Vidanovic

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Re: PIX routing question

If the static for and .68 are for extranet1, then PIX will always use extranet1 interface for routing since it will have a CONNECTED route for this which is more preferrable than any other. I don't think you can acheive what you want to do since PIX does not do any policy routing etc to force traffic to change the next-hop or use another interface for egress, etc. In summary, PIX does not have any routing capability.


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Re: PIX routing question

I think that subnetting the two interfaces is the only option. If you can make the two interfaces different subnets the PIX will route accordingly.

Would be nice if the PIX allowed multiple IP's per interface, but they do not support this at least not with 6.2.


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