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PIX rpc timeout


we have an rpc application through the PIX. the client and server are on different segments of the firewall. rpc timeout on PIX is set to 10 minutes. sometimes we have a problem like this: client tries to send a new request to server on its established tcp session.but it can't receive a reply. so client thinks its connection is not established anymore and tries to reconnect. but on the other side server sees the connection is still up,although it accepts the new connection request until the limit of connection count is reached. after that all connection requests from client is denied. I'm thinking the problem is because of rpc timeout. Does PIX send a notification to both sides when tearing down a connection because of timeout?


Re: PIX rpc timeout

I dont think that the PIX actively tears down connections that have already been established. The PIX can be configured to play an active role in the process of setting up TCP connections and prevent a number of attacks that exploit the three way handshake. However, once established, I do not think it tears down a connection. Also, it wouldn't take 10 minutes to switch a packet from one interface to another. The problem probably lies elsewhere in the network.

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