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New Member

PIX Software Upgrade

Hello all,

I uploaded a new PDM and new IOS image to my PIX 515. The question I have is, when I reboot the PIX for the image to take effect, will the PIX reboot and come back up automatically as routers do? Or do I need to be plugged into a console and enter anything such as the activation key to get it to come back up?

I ask because I'd like to reboot it remotely and only come in if there are problems. But if it doesn't come up on its own I'll have to come in for sure.

Thanks for your help!

New Member

Re: PIX Software Upgrade

Ofcourse will the pix come up. Make shure that you eliminate the "conduit" command, because this is no longer supported by the pix and should be replaced with ACL's.


New Member

Re: PIX Software Upgrade

Hi folks, this thread has caught my eye. Question for then, say you have a PIX with nearly all static and conduit entries. Is the recommedation to reconfig my PIX to the new ACL way of doing things? Thought I'd ask.


- Ted


Re: PIX Software Upgrade

Hello Ted,

The conduit commands are being phased out and access-lists are the way forward. Here's a good document on this by Bill Donaldson of GIAC organisation (PDF File)

Thanks - Jay.

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