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PIX to PIX Ipsec tunnel

I have a remote site that is using an telnet application and now they all are experiencing idle timeouts. Users are not losing connections because they still maintain connectivity with other servers in the headquarter office. Is it possible that there is telnet bug dropping their sessions. I know there is a "telnet timeout" command, but that only affects timeouts when doing sessions to the PIX, not network traffic going thru the PIX. Any hints?


Re: PIX to PIX Ipsec tunnel

the command "telnet timeout" is only for telnet session to the pix, not between the networks.

verify the application itself, or try running the application from the local site to see whether the timeout issue would still occur.

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Re: PIX to PIX Ipsec tunnel

There are no timeouts in the terminal emulation application or in the Unix box the users are accessing.

I have also tried to the following

sysopt connection tcpmss 3600

* cleared tunnel & re-established tunnel. There is no definite time when people get disconnected from their sessions. This is not happening with any other application. They are all accessing email, and opening files thru the tunnel and are not getting disconnected from network drives for servers in the HQ office.

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Re: PIX to PIX Ipsec tunnel

Have you tried running a packet capture utility to see what is happening with traffic? Is the end device not responding? Are there any TCP Resets? The capture may yield the exact problem.

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