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pix-to-pix vpn tunnel issue

I am having difficulty with a vpn tunnel btwn 2 pix 515's. It appears as though the tunnel comes up (sh crypto sa shows both peers, sh crypto isakmp sa shows the peers and QM_IDLE), but the inbound and outbound esp sas at one end ( the remote side) of the tunnel are blank. Consequently I cannot pass traffic through my vpn tunnel.

This config worked prior to the isp at the remote location making modifications to the circuit to address a flapping circuit issue. The service provider says they have made no network-level changes . . .

Does anybody have any suggestions or insight into why the esp sa is not being established at one end?

Thank You,


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Re: pix-to-pix vpn tunnel issue

I am able to connect via (dial-up) remote vpn to the remote (Florida) site and ping clients on that LAN. I am also able to connect via dial-up remote vpn to my local firewall and ping the LAN. But I still cannot ping the remote Florida site through the site-to-site vpn tunnel. The packets encrypted/encapsulated on my end match the packets decrypted/decapsulated on the remote end. But the remote end is not incrementing its encrypted/encapsulated packet counter.

The access lists controlling tunneling and nat appear to be correct. Any suggestions?


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