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PIX Users Cannot Access Other Websites & Email Servers on Same-Shared T1 Co

We are sharing a T1 connection with another business in our building. They have their own separate network environment from mine. I have a Windows 2003 Small Business Server behind a PIX-501 and the users in my network connect to the Internet via Windows Server?s DHCP and Internet sharing (NAT) services.

All Internet and email traffic is accessible except for those hosted by the other company who we're sharing a connection with. My users cannot access that company?s web server or send email to their email server (we all get 4.4.7 SMTP errors? days later after sending the message).

They have no firewall on their end; which is why I think there may be something wrong with my PIX configuration (see attached config file). I'm sort of a newbie with the PIX CLI, so any help I can get could be great. Thanks in advanced!


Re: PIX Users Cannot Access Other Websites & Email Servers on Sa

The problem is not with PIX. This is a common problem when sharing a T1 link as it creates a routing problem since routing cannot be done based on shared T1 channels. Your PIX config is fine and has nothing to do with this issue.

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