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Pix VPN help

I am trying to access resources through a Cisco PIX 506E. I can connect the client.... but they cannot see anything beyond the PIX. Any help would be appreciated.

The resources default gateway is in fact the inside interface of the pix- The pix's outside interface connects to another cisco router that is connected to the internet. The connected client is able to ping the inside interface ( of the pix.

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Re: Pix VPN help

All though it is possible - all to frequently I see issues with allocating IP addresses from the same subnet as the inside interface IP subnet.

Try allocating a seperate IP subnet range to the remote VON clients - say

Any routers on the inside should have a static route configured for the pointing to the PIX.


Re: Pix VPN help

to add to the nice comment from andrew

make sure the inside client have thier default gateway the pix inside ip address

make sure that u have a defualt rote point to the router ip address of the interface connected to the pix outside interface

for vpn

u have used pool2 while in ur nat 0 the access list dose not include IPs in that pool

so becareful with pools IP addressing and NAT 0 need to include all traffic from inside going to vpn pool range

good luck

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