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Hi I have a pix with version 6.3.1 and it is sometimes restarting with the following dump on console (it seems something wrong with isakmp process):

Watchdog timeout failure! Please contact customer support.

PC SP STATE Runtime SBASE Stack Process

Hrd 001e83d9 00a10f34 0054dff0 0 00a0ffac 3628/4096 arp_timer

Lsi 001ed55d 00ab412c 0054e008 0 00ab31b4 3928/4096 FragDBGC

Cwe 00112ba5 00b215f4 00b20664 220 00b2068c 1980/4096 VAC poll

Lwe 00119bbf 00b225a4 00551768 0 00b2173c 3688/4096 dbgtrace

Lwe 003dab25 00b24734 00546938 6630 00b227ec 6568/8192 Logger

Hwe 003debe0 00b2782c 00546be8 0 00b258b4 8024/8192 tcp_fast

Hwe 003deb59 00b298dc 00546be8 0 00b27964 8024/8192 tcp_slow

Lsi 002f8891 00c5dc4c 0054e008 0 00c5ccc4 3944/4096 xlate clean

Lsi 002f879f 00c5ecec 0054e008 0 00c5dd74 3548/4096 uxlate clean

Mwe 002efa7f 00dd30bc 0054e008 0 00dd1124 7908/8192


Lsi 0043016d 00e7d914 0054e008 0 00e7c98c 3900/4096 route_process

Hrd 002e0c1c 00e7e9a4 0054dff0 0 00e7da3c 2572/4096 PIX Garbage Collector

Hwe 002141c9 00e886d4 0054e008 10 00e8476c 13436/16384 isakmp_time_keeper

Lsi 002de99c 00ea262c 0054e008 0 00ea16a4 3944/4096 perfmon

Mwe 0020ba01 00ecca5c 0054e008 0 00ecaae4 7860/8192 IPsec timer handler

Hrd 0039164b 00ee146c 0054dff0 0 00edf524 7080/8192 qos_metric_daemon

Mwe 0025d61d 00ef8004 0054e008 0 00ef789c 1436/2048 IP Background

Lwe 002f0582 00faad14 00564348 0 00fa9e9c 3704/4096 pix/trace

Lwe 002f079e 00fabdc4 00564a78 0 00faaf4c 3704/4096 pix/tconsole

Hrd 0011f5b7 00fbe004 0054dff0 0 00fba53c 14732/16384 ci/console

Hrd 00429b02 00fbfd54 0054dff0 0 00fbee1c 3684/4096 lu_ctl

Crd 002e94bb 00fc0e24 0054e480 0 00fbfecc 3540/4096 update_cpu_usage

Hwe 002d64a1 01064cbc 0052d3b8 0 01060e34 15884/16384 uauth_in

Hwe 003dd66d 01066dbc 00ad48e8 0 01064ee4 7896/8192 uauth_thread

Hwe 003f326a 01067f0c 00546f38 0 01066f94 3960/4096 udp_timer

Hrd 001e0092 01069bbc 0054dff0 0 01068c44 3928/4096 557mcfix

Crd 001e0047 0106ac7c 0054e480 2220330 01069cf4 3684/4096 557poll

Lrd 001e00fd 0106bd1c 0054e4d0 0 0106ada4 3700/4096 557timer

Cwe 001e1c71 01081d9c 00791fb8 10640 0107fea4 6056/8192 pix/intf0

Mwe 003f2fda 01082e8c 00b1d110 0 01081f54 3896/4096 riprx/0

Msi 0039a8c9 01083f9c 0054e008 0 01083024 3888/4096 riptx/0

Cwe 001e1c71 0108a0d4 0071ca48 10960 010881dc 6104/8192 pix/intf1

Mwe 003f2fda 0108b1e4 00b1d0c8 0 0108a2ac 3896/4096 riprx/1

Msi 0039a8c9 0108c2f4 0054e008 0 0108b37c 3888/4096 riptx/1

Cwe 001e1c71 0109242c 00807528 240 01090534 6172/8192 pix/intf2

Mwe 003f2fda 0109353c 00b1d080 0 01092604 3896/4096 riprx/2

Msi 0039a8c9 0109464c 0054e008 0 010936d4 3888/4096 riptx/2

Cwe 001ea68d 0109a7f4 009dd558 0 0109888c 8040/8192 pix/intf3

Mwe 003f2fda 0109b894 00b1d038 0 0109a95c 3896/4096 riprx/3

Msi 0039a8c9 0109c9a4 0054e008 0 0109ba2c 3888/4096 riptx/3

Cwe 001ea68d 010a2b4c 009dd4bc 0 010a0be4 8040/8192 pix/intf4

Mwe 003f2fda 010a3bec 00b1cff0 0 010a2cb4 3896/4096 riprx/4

Msi 0039a8c9 010a4cfc 0054e008 0 010a3d84 3888/4096 riptx/4

Cwe 001ea68d 010aaea4 009dd420 0 010a8f3c 8040/8192 pix/intf5

Mwe 003f2fda 010abf44 00b1cfa8 0 010ab00c 3896/4096 riprx/5

Msi 0039a8c9 010ad054 0054e008 0 010ac0dc 3888/4096 riptx/5

Hrd 0042a871 010af44c 0054dff0 0 010ae4d4 3928/4096 lu_xmit_timer

Hwe 0042962d 010b04ec 0054a6e8 0 010af584 3900/4096 lu_rx

Hrd 001ae919 010ec1f4 0054dff0 0 010eb28c 2844/4096 fover_thread

Hrd 0011f5b7 010ecf4c 0054dff0 0 010ec2a4 3204/4096 fover_rx

Hwe 001b1691 010ee234 005562d4 0 010ed2bc 3960/4096 fover_tx

Hwe 001aeb44 010ef24c 005562e0 0 010ee2d4 3960/4096 fover_rep

Lwe 001aecfd 010f0274 005562e8 0 010ef2ec 3976/4096 fover_lu_rep

Hrd 001b1c72 010f427c 0054dff0 0 010f0304 16212/16384 fover_parse

Hwe 002f1aaa 0111cc8c 0054e008 580 01114cf4 29820/32768 turboacl_process

Mwe 003f2fda 01382c14 00b1ced0 0 01380cec 5988/8192 radius_rcvauth

Mwe 003f2fda 01383cc4 00b1ce88 0 01382d9c 3548/4096 radius_rcvacct

Mwe 00392dd2 01384dc4 00540710 20 01383e4c 2932/4096 radius_snd

H* 003c49b5 0009ff2c 0054dff0 1000 01385d54 5888/8192 isakmp_receiver

Hwe 003dd901 0138a4f4 00abfcf0 0 01389eac 1212/2048 listen/ssh_1

Mwe 00367a62 0138d96c 0054e008 580 0138b9f4 5476/8192 Crypto CA

Thread Name: isakmp_receiver (Old pc 0x003c49b5 ebp 0x01387ba8)


0: 00104bf8

1: 00102155

2: 0010014a

vector 0x00000003 (breakpoint)

edi 0x33b05445

esi 0x41da9ffe

ebp 0x013877e8

esp 0x013877dc

ebx 0x00715afc

edx 0x000003fd

ecx 0x0000000a

eax 0x00514828

error code n/a

eip 0x004befb4

cs 0x00000008

eflags 0x00000046

CR2 0x00000000

Stack dump: base:0x01385d54 size:8192, active:1528

0x01387d50: 0x00000000

0x01387d4c: 0x00213694

0x01387d48-0x01387d44: 0x00000000

0x01387d40-0x01387d24: 0x12345678

0x01387d20: 0x00000000

0x01387d1c: 0x001036dd

0x01387d18: 0x01387d44

0x01387d14-0x01387d0c: 0x00000000

0x01387d08: 0x00000001

0x01387d04-0x01387d00: 0x12345678

0x01387cfc: 0x9dd7cac8

0x01387cf8: 0x01f40002

0x01387cf4: 0x00000010

0x01387cf0: 0x00000000

0x01387cec: 0x00560068

0x01387ce8-0x01387ce0: 0x00000000

0x01387cdc: 0x00000001

0x01387cd8-0x01387cd4: 0x00000000

0x01387cd0: 0x00000001

0x01387ccc: 0x00000000

0x01387cc8: 0x01387d08

0x01387cc4-0x01387cbc: 0x12345678

0x01387cb8-0x01387cb0: 0x00000000

0x01387cac: 0x00560068

0x01387ca8: 0xe81ef2c8

0x01387ca4: 0x9dd7cac8

0x01387ca0: 0x007e97a0

0x01387c9c: 0x0021398a

0x01387c98: 0x01387d18

0x01387c94: 0x00000050

0x01387c90: 0x00000000

0x01387c8c: 0x01041008

0x01387c88: 0x3ad10f19

0x01387c84: 0x51b6b335

0x01387c80: 0x4fe65200

0x01387c7c: 0x3b40b532

0x01387c78: 0x01387cf4

0x01387c74: 0x01387cf8

0x01387c70: 0x28f7fb6b

0x01387c6c: 0xf026aa06

0x01387c68: 0x01387c98

0x01387c64: 0x9dd7cac8

0x01387c60: 0x00000050

0x01387c5c: 0x00000000

0x01387c58: 0x007e98cc

0x01387c54-0x01387c4c: 0x00000000

0x01387c48: 0x007e98c4

0x01387c44: 0x000001f4

0x01387c40: 0x00e901f4

0x01387c3c: 0x003c559d

0x01387c38: 0x01480bec

0x01387c34: 0x86200002

0x01387c30: 0x00707b3c

0x01387c2c: 0x003c74ef

0x01387c28: 0x0055ef20

0x01387c24: 0x00000000

0x01387c20: 0x007e97a0

0x01387c1c: 0x003c5084

0x01387c18: 0x01387c60

0x01387c14: 0x007e98cc

0x01387c10-0x01387c0c: 0x0000f401

0x01387c08: 0x007e98e8

0x01387c04: 0x01480bec

0x01387c00: 0x01387c7c

0x01387bfc: 0x00237459

0x01387bf8: 0x01387c98

0x01387bf4: 0x00000038

0x01387bf0: 0xf4017c6c

0x01387bec: 0x007e9900

0x01387be8: 0x01387c07

0x01387be4: 0x00000054

0x01387be0: 0x01387c60

0x01387bdc: 0x0022647c

0x01387bd8: 0x01480bec

0x01387bd4: 0x00000038

0x01387bd0: 0x01387c7c

0x01387bcc: 0xd8870236

0x01387bc8: 0x007e98cc

0x01387bc4: 0x01387c60

0x01387bc0: 0x00000000

0x01387bbc: 0x007e98e8

0x01387bb8: 0x00000004

0x01387bb4: 0x01480bec

0x01387bb0: 0x00000008

0x01387bac: 0x00232482

0x01387ba8: 0x01387bf8

0x01387ba4: 0x1c000000

0x01387ba0: 0x04fad054

0x01387b9c: 0x00000018

0x01387b98: 0x01387bd8

0x01387b94: 0x01480bec

0x01387b90: 0x00000001

0x01387b8c: 0x00238bde

0x01387b88: 0x01480bec

0x01387b84: 0x0000f401

0x01387b80: 0x01480bec

0x01387b7c: 0x000000c0

0x01387b78: 0x00000000

0x01387b74: 0x007e9900

0x01387b70: 0x01480bec

0x01387b6c: 0x0022578c

0x01387b68: 0x01387ba8

0x01387b64: 0x02601001

0x01387b60: 0x01000000

0x01387b5c: 0x1c000000

0x01387b58: 0x9ef9bf40

0x01387b54: 0x28b63b06

0x01387b50: 0x1800000b

0x01387b4c: 0x00238a12

0x01387b48: 0x01387b88

0x01387b44-0x01387b40: 0x00000000

0x01387b3c: 0x000000c0

0x01387b38: 0x01480bec

0x01387b34-0x01387b30: 0x00000000

0x01387b2c: 0x51b6b335

0x01387b28: 0x00000001

0x01387b24: 0x01387b54

0x01387b20: 0x01480bec

0x01387b1c: 0x0021a602

0x01387b18: 0x00000000

0x01387b14: 0x01480bec

0x01387b10: 0x01480b0b

0x01387b0c: 0x00000202

0x01387b08: 0x00000008

0x01387b04: 0x0021cf43

0x01387b00: 0x00fb4924

0x01387afc: 0x0021cf3d

0x01387af8: 0x01387b68

0x01387af4: 0x01480bec

0x01387af0: 0x01387b04

0x01387aec: 0x01387b68

0x01387ae8-0x01387ae4: 0x00000000

0x01387ae0: 0x01480bec

0x01387adc: 0x00000246

0x01387ad8: 0x0022b084

0x01387ad4: 0x0051aab8

0x01387ad0: 0x00fb4924

0x01387acc: 0x0022cf9a

0x01387ac8: 0x01387af8

0x01387ac4: 0x01480bec

0x01387ac0: 0x01480d40

0x01387abc: 0x0022c60e

0x01387ab8: 0x01480bec

0x01387ab4: 0x01480d40

0x01387ab0: 0x00fb4924

0x01387aac: 0x1fc058ea

0x01387aa8: 0x0022b084

0x01387aa4: 0x00fb0be4

0x01387aa0: 0x00fb4924

0x01387a9c: 0x0022cc43

0x01387a98: 0x01387ac8

0x01387a94: 0x00fb0be4

0x01387a90: 0x0022b084

0x01387a8c: 0x00fb4924

0x01387a88-0x01387a84: 0x00000000

0x01387a80: 0x00fb4924

0x01387a7c: 0x00000080

0x01387a78: 0x0051ad5d

0x01387a74: 0x00fb4a78

0x01387a70: 0x00fb4a7c

0x01387a6c: 0x0022c6e7

0x01387a68: 0x0051b4cd

0x01387a64: 0x00fb4a7c

0x01387a60: 0x00fb4a78

0x01387a5c: 0x0022c6f6

0x01387a58: 0x01387a98

0x01387a54: 0x121665f4

0x01387a50: 0xe746d64a

0x01387a4c: 0x1fc058ea

0x01387a48: 0x37dee1b5

0x01387a44-0x01387a40: 0x00000000

0x01387a3c: 0x000000c0

0x01387a38-0x01387a20: 0x00000000

0x01387a1c: 0x00000080

0x01387a18: 0x9dd7cac8

0x01387a14: 0xe81ef2c8

0x01387a10-0x01387a00: 0x00000000

0x013879fc: 0x000000c0

0x013879f8: 0x121665f4

0x013879f4: 0xe746d64a

0x013879f0: 0x1fc058ea

0x013879ec: 0x37dee1b5

0x013879e8: 0x01387a08

0x013879e4: 0x00fb4a78

0x013879e0: 0x00fb4a7c

0x013879dc: 0x0051237f

0x013879d8: 0x00000004

0x013879d4: 0x00fb4a78

0x013879d0: 0x00fb4a7c

0x013879cc: 0x00226540

0x013879c8: 0x00000004

0x013879c4: 0x013879ec

0x013879c0: 0x01387a48

0x013879bc: 0x00226540

0x013879b8: 0x00000000

0x013879b4: 0x00000004

0x013879b0: 0x0051b4d1

0x013879ac: 0x00226555

0x013879a8: 0x01387a58



The crash could be caused by the usage of the following command:

crashinfo force watchdog. Ensure that you don't have this command on by mistake. I also found a few bugs with the ' pix crashed on a watchdog ' which is the same problem as yours. Check CSCdv26908 and CSCdv04717 for more details. You could use the Bug toolkit to view it. It is caused due to a bad PIX-1FE card. You might have exchange yours for the one supported by the PIX, but guess this has been resolved in ver 6.0 and later.

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