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PIX515 halted

I have Cisco PIX firewall 515 ver 6.3(3) with unrestricted license (the standby device had a power failure from more than 3 weeks), the case that this device "Primary" is halted two times, since the standby device damaged, even we can't manage this device or check it through console. No syslog messages received "critical ones" to the Syslog server. Just this message "URL Server not responding, ENTERING ALLOW mode", i don't thing that message has any relation to halt the device.

Before the standby damages, it was in active mode and the primary one in standby mode even i power on the primary one first.

Any comments?

Thanks in advance


Re: PIX515 halted

The issue may be due to any of the following

1.This is an FTP/URL message. This message is logged when you use the allow option of the filter command, and the Websense server(s) are not responding. The PIX Firewall allows all web requests to continue without filtering while the server(s) are not available.

2.This is an FTP/URL message. The Websense server is unavailable for access, and the PIX Firewall attempts to either try to access the same server if it is the only server installed, or another server if there is more than one.

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