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PIX525 Ver.7 Active-Active Failover Sample Config

Does anyone have a sample config of an Active-Active Failover firewall showing failover config as well as how the physical interfaces are configured in the contexts?

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Re: PIX525 Ver.7 Active-Active Failover Sample Config

Following are smaple configurations for an Active/Active configuration and where they should be configured

Primary Unit System space

a) Create failover configuration


failover lan unit primary

failover lan interface faillink Vlan4002

failover polltime unit msec 900 holdtime 3

failover polltime interface 5

failover replication http

failover link statelink Vlan4003

failover interface ip faillink standby

failover interface ip statelink standby

failover group 1

preempt 300

replication http

polltime interface 5

failover group 2


replication http

interface-policy 40%

b) Create Contexts and allocate interfaces to context and make then part of one of the 2 failover groups

context TCTX19

description context TCTX19

allocate-interface Vlan3072-Vlan3075

allocate-interface Vlan3152-Vlan3155

config-url disk:/TCTX19.cfg

join-failover-group 1

context TCTX20

description context TCTX20

allocate-interface Vlan3076-Vlan3079

allocate-interface Vlan3156-Vlan3159

config-url disk:/TCTX20.cfg

join-failover-group 2

c) Interface configuration within the contexts

interface Vlan2000

description Interface for VLAN2000

nameif DMZ1_VLAN2000

security-level 80

ip address standby

maksure you use a standby IP in the same segment as active ip.

d) Standby unit congiuration


failover lan unit secondary

failover lan interface faillink Vlan4002

failover interface ip faillink standby

That should do the magic :)

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