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Port forward PIX 506

How to port forward to multiple IP Addresses on PIX 506.


Re: Port forward PIX 506

As an example -

If you wanted to port forward for SMTP on the PIX:

Create a ACL for SMTP access on the outside interface :

access-list smtp permit tcp any host eq smtp

access-group smtp in interface outside

On the above ACL I have named it smtp but you can change this to fit your scenario.

Note - make sure the your MX record for SMTP is also pointing to IP

Now, you'll need to create a static translation for SMTP for TCP port 25 - assuming that your mail server is hosted inside your LAN, let's say your internal mail server IP is:


static (inside,outside) tcp smtp smtp netmask 0 0

The above is saying - any traffic that is received on the outside interface for smtp on IP, port forward to internal IP on port 25 (smtp).

This is the same principle if you need to allow any other services into your internal LAN on specific ports. I am assuming that you have spare public IP addresses to play with here? If you only have the one public IP address available and this is being utilised by the PIX outside interface then you'll need to make a slight modification to your static statement - again assuming your PIX outside interface IP is

access-list smtp permit tcp any host eq smtp

access-group smtp in interface outside

static (inside,outside) tcp interface smtp smtp netmask 0 0

The difference above is that now your using the outside interface IP address for your static translation by using the keyword "interface" in your static statement.

After you make any modification to ACLs or static statements you'll need to issue: clear xlate and save with: write mem

Also, read the following document:

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