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Postoffice Protocol Question

The postoffice Protocol can send up to 255 different destination, but why can you only specify up to 32 destinations in the sensor Configuration files

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Re: Postoffice Protocol Question

If I remember correctly the configuration files themselves can support up to 255 destinations, but the different management platforms have different restrictions

on the number of destinations that they will support.

I don't remember the 32 limit that you state.

If I remember correctly CSPM only supports 6 additional destinations.

IDM and nrConfigure (Unix Director) each have a different number of additional

destinations supported. (Can't remember what those limits are, maybe one of them is 32?)

This is primarily a design decision that was made during coding.

They had to gear to gear their development to their primary customer base.

They chose numbers that worked well in the screens they created, and could be tested by their team, and still provide what was needed for their customers.

In the vast majority of cases users only send alarms to 2 destinations. Allowing up

to 6 destinations is usually more than 99% of their customers ever use.

There is also a minor performance impact each time destinations are added. With

only 2 or 3 additional destinations this imact is minimal, but with 32 or worse 255 additional destinations this impact could become seriuous. The additional alarms would flood the postoffice channel and could cause alarm drops to occur.

So though Postoffice was coded to route to 255 destinations, the actual use of 255 destinations is not necessarily feasible.

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