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Posture Validation (NOD32, WinXP)

Hallo! I'm implementing NAC Framework solution. I have already installed CTA, ACS and configured Cisco Catalyst 3560G to use NAC. So on the ACS i can receive some posture information from CTA (cta version), but, unfortunalety, i can't receive OS version, anti-virus software version and so on (i have WinXP Home Edition, and Eset NOD32 on the client). What could be the problem? I can suppose, that i need to install NOD32 Posture Plugin, but i can't find it on the And what can i do with OS attributes?

Thank You in advance!

P.S. Sorry For my poor english 8)

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Re: Posture Validation (NOD32, WinXP)

Hi, Dimitri.

Certainly, you have to install on client the posture info to CTA send to ACS. Normally, this info stays on C:\program files\common files\PostureAgent\Plugins folder.

Launch C:\program files\cisco systems\ciscotrustagent\ctastat.exe to know what kind of info CTA is sending to ACS.

Did you configure the ACS posture validation correctly?


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Re: Posture Validation (NOD32, WinXP)

Thnx! Posture works fine (ACS receive CTA info, and now i configured it to receive OS info) - so at this point everything is ok! But i still have problems with my antivirus software (Eset NOD32). I can't find any *.adf (attribute defenition files) and *.inf and *.dll files to make posture work right.Do you have any suggestions - where i can find it on the web? ("C:\program files\common files\PostureAgent\Plugins folder" in this directory i only have info about CTA and Network Associates AV)

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