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New Member

pppoe on a 3rd interface


I have a 515 pix with 3 interfaces (inside, outside and extra), and I would like to configure the extra interface to negociate pppoe, this will be a kind of a second outside interface (security level =0), but seems that just the outside interface has this capability and can not be more than 2 interfaces with 0 security level

I would like to have some advise to:

1)activate pppoe in this extra interface or

2)switch identities between the outside interface and the extra interface without having to reconfigure all the rules, and keep all the default routing unchanged.

beforehand thanks for your sugestions.


Re: pppoe on a 3rd interface

If I remember correctly, the earlier bahaviour was that two interfaces could be configured with the same security level. However, traffic would not pass between these two interfaces and this was also not a supported configuration. To configure PPPoE on a PIX, please refer to the document at Also, please note that PIX 515 cannot be configured as a PPPoE client "This function was recently introduced with PIX OS version 6.2 and is targeted for the low-end PIX (501/506)".

New Member

Re: pppoe on a 3rd interface

thanks Joseph,

I am running Pix OS 6.3 and seems that this version allows to configure pppoe as a client, it works also in 515.

I had not tried to configure both interfaces in security level= 0 by command line, let me try if this is possible.


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